Media Accreditation


IMPORTANT: Please read the sections below carefully before completing this application form. Forms not fully completed will be disregarded. Please note that the completion and submission of this form does not guarantee accreditation approval.

All applications MUST be supported by the following:

  • Examples of work published in the last 12 months, relevant to the events and in a recognised publication
  • A letter of commission, this must be from an editor of a recognised publication or media organisation on headed paper and must include a commitment to publish a report and/or pictures of the event
  • Trackside photographers only: Copy of your Public Liability Insurance certificate (minimum of £5million cover)

Please note: Websites/electronic media will be accredited at the discretion of Donington Park. Websites must be current and producing original editorial content. Those reproducing press releases will not be considered. Applications on behalf of personal social media feeds, social media pages, or personal websites will be disregarded immediately. Applications on behalf of a team/driver/rider will not normally be accepted. The allocation of a pass does not permit the sale of images for commercial purposes only for media use. Without the above supporting documentation, the application will NOT be considered. If your application is successful, your media pass is generally posted in the week leading up to the event. 


The deadline for all media accreditation applications is on the Tuesday prior to the event you are required to attend. Any application received after this time may be discarded.


If you are required to attend a general test day at Donington Park as a member of the media, please email in advance of the day. You will also be required to bring a letter of accreditation from your commisioning editor/director relating to that specific test session, as well as a copy of your public liability insurance. Please note only genuine media are permitted to go trackside at general test dates, and photographers without editorial letters/public liability insurance will not be permitted to sign on.

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Donington Park Racing Media Pass Indemnity

I declare that I am over 18 years of age and am not suffering from any mental or physical disability, which would impair my judgment or prevent me from acting in a safe manner or impair my mobility and agree to act, at all times, in accordance with the instructions of officials of the events for which this pass is valid. I will inform the company immediately should any change in my condition occur which I have reason or ought to have reason to believe would affect my ability to carry out my duties.

I acknowledge that I understand the nature and type of competition and that in undertaking my duties I may be exposed to potential risk inherent in motor cycle sport and will undertake my function with its associated risks with due and proper regard for my safety and that of others

I understand that all persons having any connection with the promotion and/or organisation and/or conduct of the events for which this pass is valid are insured against loss or injury through negligence. I understand that the allocation of this pass does not grant any rights for television/video/film/electronic gathering or any other form of moving picture coverage of for any photographic material to be used in any commercial operations without prior written agreement of Donington Park Racing Ltd.

In consideration of the championship owners, organisers, promoters, sponsors and all connected and associated bodies and companies together with the circuit owning companies staging rounds of the above championship permitting me to have access to certain restricted areas outside of permitted enclosures for the purpose of photography I hereby agree acknowledge and undertake:

  1. I accept that motor sport may involve the risk of injury or death and that this risk is greater in the restricted areas to which I may have access.
  2. I accept these risks and will ensure that at all times I will have due regard for my own safety.
  3. I will not at any time put myself in a position beyond the Armco barrier/tyre wall surrounding the track (trackside) and any such additional protection as provided.
  4. I will familiarise myself with the circuit, its layout and features before commencing my activities and will satisfy myself that the areas to which I wish to have access are available and suitable for my purpose.
  5. I understand that this pass permits access ONLY for the purposes of news gathering and reportage by written media and radio reporters. It does not give access for any television/video/film/electronic gathering or any other form of moving picture coverage.
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