Download Festival 2017

June 9th - 11th

Download Festival is the home of rock music and takes place on the sacred grounds of Donington Park, which have been associated with rock since the 80s. The festival attracts icons of rock and metal, plus some of the best and hottest new acts in the world. AC/DC, KISS, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Guns N’ Roses, Rage Against The Machine, Slipknot, Linkin Park and many more have all headlined its main stage.


Since 2003 Download Festival has called Donington Park its home. Originally staring as a two day event following the sixteen years of rock previously, Download Festival took its name from what was once a dirty word as file sharing was starting to affect the music industry, and the rebellious nature of rock music. It is the UK’s most popular rock and heavy metal festival that can hold 120,000 people.

Believing the internet would provide connectivity with its audience since the very beginning, Download’s infamous forum won the BT Digital Music Award for ‘Best Online Community’ in 2007, but the real moment came in 2012 when Corey Taylor has his stage ambushed by Download promoter Andy Copping and Metal Hammer editor Andrew Milad who presented him with the Golden God award for Slipknot’s 2009 headline set. In 2015 Download had an amazing SIX nominations for the Festival Awards, including ‘Best Major Festival’, ‘Best Toilets’, ‘Best Line Up’, ‘Best Use of Technology’, ‘Best Hospitality’ and finally ‘Best Headline Performance’ from Muse . The 2016 UK Festival Award for ‘Best Hospitality’ went to Download Festival in a well-deserved win.

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Download's campsite area is so much more than the place you can get some kip. As well as numerous campsite areas, you'll gain access to The Village which is full of food and drink stalls, essential services, and the kind of entertainment you just won't find anywhere else. The campsite is open 24 hours a day and there will be toilets, showers and water available.

Quiet Camping is a separate field in the main camp site area that gives people a break from the 24 hour party atmosphere of the standard camp sites. It has a curfew of midnight, after which time music must be turned off, And no shouting please, though conversation at your tent is fine. It is meant to make it quieter, not completely silent. Sound from other camps may drift across, although being some distance away; this is less than if you were in the midst of standard camping.

RIP (Rest In Peace) is the original and best rock festival experience. From sunup to sundown, it's the most rocking campsite in the kingdom. Enjoy a greener patch of grass to pitch your tent, superior amenities including proper toilets and warm showers, car parking and 24 hour assistance from our event management station. The RIP campsite also boasts a convenience shop, refreshments area, Eco Day Spa, Dressing room and Lockers.

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