Road Bike Only - Track Day

October 23rd

Experience the chance to ride the same circuit as true legends on the Donington Park road bike only track day events. The legendary history and challenge of the circuit draws many to this prestigious track with its mix of fast flowing and slower corners. Donington has seen its fair share of 500 GP and MotoGP history and the 'Greatest Of All Time', Valentino Rossi rates this as one of his favourite circuits.


A physically demanding circuit, Donington rewards smoothness and concentration and both the world famous Craner Curves, which swoops down rollercoaster fashion, and the blind right of Coppice require more than a little nerve. Off the famous tarmac you'll find all the facilities you'd expect of a circuit that caters to the elite of world motorsport.

  • Grand Prix Circuit
  • 3 groups
  • noise level 98db drive by.
  • No Tyre warmers.
  • No Daytime only MOTs.
  • Limited bikes on track.

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