Gung-Ho! East Mids

September 23rd

Be Gung-Ho! and run our 5K Inflatable Obstacle Course! The biggest 5k in the world!


Take part in the Seriously Fun 5k course over giant inflatable obstacles. You will run, jump, and bounce your way around the course. Gung-Ho! is open to all people no matter if you’re a seasoned marathon runner or if you just fancy joining in the fun, everyone that wants to take part can! What makes us stand out from the crowd is our collection of some the most epic inflatable obstacles in the world! Take your 5k game to the next level with the Gung-Ho! inflatable obstacle course including the biggest inflatable slide in Europe which has a foam party finish!





Please note this event is hosted and organised by Gung-Ho! (Brown Bread (UKLtd) 



Please note Gung-Ho! event will be taking place at Donington Park on Saturday 23rd September. The event will feature music stage with live PA system and full details about this event can be found at following link

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Prices start at £31 and rise closer to the event. Check out our website to find the current price 

or email 


Please note this event is hosted and organised by Gung-Ho! (Brown Bread (UKLtd)

Q) Is the race timed?

A) No, you can certainly time yourself but our focus is on helping you have fun!


Q) Can I buy a ticket on the day?

A) Yes, you can purchase a ticket on the day. All event day tickets are cash only and are subject to availability.


Q) Will I get covered in paint?

A) No. Feel free to wear your normal athletic gear, there is no paint involved.


Q) Can I walk the course or skip an obstacle?

A) You can walk, skip or roll the course if you wish, as long as you are enjoying yourself that’s fine by us! If the obstacle looks too much for you then you are free to pass it by.


Q) Can I run with my friends and family?

A) Yes. This can be done by registering as a team and choosing the same wave time.


Q) Is there a limit to the size of the team?

A) A team can be any size from 2 members to 100 members.


Q) Is there a discount for group or team bookings?

A) We do not give discounts for team bookings. Discounts may be available for some corporate and charity groups, contact the Gung-Ho! team for more information.


Q) Is there an age / height requirement?

A) There is no age requirement but participants must be at least 123 centimeters/48 inches to tackle these monstrous obstacles. Children under 11 must be accompanied through the course by a participating adult.


Q) How can I confirm the start time I registered for?

A) You can access your registration details at any time in your Eventbrite account. It is also in your ticket details.


Q) Can I transfer to another start time after my registration has been processed?

A) Yes, you can change your start time by editing your registration details in your Eventbrite account up to three weeks prior to your event. (wave times are subject to availability)


Q) What do I do if I lose my pack? or my address was wrong? or I've moved house suddenly? or wild dogs ate it?

A) Don't panic, your ticket guarantees your place at the event. Just visit the registration desk when you arrive at the event and you will be provided with a replacement pack


Q) Can I get a refund?

A) No, unfortunately we cannot give refunds.


Q) Is parking available at the venue?

A) Yes, there is parking available. Cost for this will vary from site to site. Please see your event location page for details. (All transactions are cash only on event days)

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