Single Seater Motor Racing

Single Seater Motor Racing - Circuit

In our opinion, there really is nothing quite as exhilarating as driving a thoroughbred single seater racing car around a real race circuit. All of our single seater experiences offer excellent value for money with longer amounts of in car time.

Our single seater race cars are built purely for the track and will out perform every supercar in the fleet. They blend power, grip and sensational handling without any compromises. They have no traction control, no ABS and no space for an instructor to sit beside you, once you are strapped in, its down to you! If its all out speed you're after, look no further!

We use a ‘Pace Car’ system for the single seater lapping sessions, where you will follow one of our instructors. This helps you to learn the racing line and this actually helps you to lap faster and more smoothly than you ordinarily would.

At Three Sisters you'll tackle the road course driving a sports saloon before your Single Seater session.

Single Seater

Car: Single Seater
Max Speed: 145 mph
0-60mph: 4.8 secs
BHP: 115 bhp
Transmission: 4 Speed Manual
Engine: 1800 cc Zetec

Driver requirements

Height Min: 5’ 2”
Height Max: 6’ 4”
Max Weight: 18 stone

Experience Format

Briefing: 30 mins
In Car Time: 20 minutes
De-brief: 15 mins
Approx. Time At Venue: 2 hours

High Speed Passenger Ride 'Circuit'

If you’re not a very good passenger, forget this!! Your driver will scare you witless cornering on the circuit at terrifying speeds to show you how the race professionals drive.

This isn’t about driving – it’s about screaming with excitement as the professional driver takes to the track at break-neck speed and scares you witless!

Using the circuit you will be driven by a professional driver cornering at ridiculous speeds.

The Car

Car: Various (normally Lotus Elise)
Max Speed: 125 mph
BHP: 120 bhp
Transmission: 5 Speed Manual
Engine: 1.8 VVT

Driver requirements

Height Min: 4’ 6 ”
Height Max: 6’ 4”
Max Weight 18 stone

Experience Format

In Car Time: 4 Laps
Approx. Time At Venue: 30 mins


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