September 25th

Donington Park director takes first steps into motorcycle racing

Donington Park’s Chief Operating Officer Alison Nicholls made her first steps into racing this week, as she learned to ride a motorcycle with the Honda Motorcycle Experience on Wednesday.

Alison is a novice when it comes to motorcycling, but is keen to prove that anyone can learn to ride at Donington Park and eventually go on to racing.

With the Honda Motorcycle Experience, she first learned to ride a scooter in a controlled environment, before later moving on to a bigger and more powerful Honda CBF125 machine. She was taught the basics of motorcycling including clutch control, moving off, braking and balance, as well as cornering at low speeds.

Donington Park is the perfect location for potential racers to learn their craft, with opportunities to sample a bike for the first time, take a CBT test that allows riders to take to the road legally, exclusive sessions for Women Only with Maria Costello, as well as more advanced options including ACU licence tests that allow riders to become racers, and of course the Honda Ron Haslam Race School.

Alison commented: “Having heard literally thousands of motorbikes and cars zoom past the office window in my time here, I thought it was finally time I got myself onto a bike and gave it a go!

“We benefit from great partners here including the Honda Motorcycle Experience and the Honda Ron Haslam Race School, and I thoroughly enjoyed my first taste of a motorbike. It was nerve wracking at first, but with excellent and pressure-free instruction I was quickly able to build my confidence and was soon weaving through cones and cornering freely. I’m really looking forward to my next go on a bike, and can’t wait to see how close I can get to racing!”

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