October 1st

Donington Park launches class leading All-Terrain Course

Donington Park has today (Thursday 1 October) launched its class leading All Terrain Course at the circuit, after four months of construction.
The first phase of the development sits on the site of the previous basic course, but has been totally reworked to become a challenging but non damaging track for all 4x4 and all-terrain vehicles. Very few off road sites or other race circuits can offer a comparable variety of features in an all-weather course, and is a real test for manufacturers and companies looking to demonstrate and test their off road vehicles to the full.
The course is designed to test and demonstrate modern electronic traction control systems and dynamic aids on modern 4x4 vehicles. It is also ideal for off road driver training, corporate events, product launches and small club events.
Working with the existing landscape and contours of the ground, the course was designed by industry experts Vince Cobley of Protrax Overland Adventures and Havenfine Trading, in consultation with Donington Park Racing Limited.
Construction began in March 2015, with Havenfine endeavouring to source local materials. The stone road on the course was constructed using recycled concrete from the demolished Leicester City Council building, while sand and rocks were also imported from the Bardon Hill Quarry. A large amount of recycled material has also been used to create the various different challenges around the course.
The end result is a course that not only blends into the natural landscape, but can be used all year round. Various obstacles include a huge climb to the top of an escarpment which gives panoramic views over Derbyshire and Leicestershire, massive declines of 35 degrees and various gradients, rock climbs designed to resemble a dried up river bed, log roads, corkscrew side slopes, a water filled wading ditch, axle twisters and ‘elephant’ footprints. All are included to test suspension, tyres, electronic traction aids and stability control systems.
Donington Park Commercial Director Roger Lowe, who has been heavily involved in the conception of the course, commented: “We are delighted to finally open up the All-Terrain Course at Donington Park, after a lengthy planning and construction process. This course is a real class leader and we have big plans for the future. Industry experts have already commented that this is one of the best facilities of its kind in the country, and we expect it will be heavily used for product launches, media opportunities and for experience driving too.”
People interested in making a booking to hire the Donington Park All Terrain Course should contact Hannah Nicholas on 01332 519526 or hannah.nicholas@donington-park.co.uk

For more information on events at Donington Park visit www.donington-park.co.uk

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