March 17th

Donington Park racing season set for blast off this weekend

The Donington Park racing season will burst into life this weekend (19-20 March) with the first races of the year from the 750 Motor Club, with a mixture of saloon and sports car racing.

The 750 Motor Club is based at Donington Park, and will put on a total of 20 races across the two days, with action starting at 9.10 on Saturday and 9.20 on Sunday.

Members of the armed forces will test their mettle on track in the Armed Forces Racing Challenge. This category is open to a variety of sports and saloon cars and aims to bring together as many armed forces competitors as possible on one grid. With a level playing field, consistency in races is rewarded, and in the 40 minute race to take place on Sunday, drivers can share the car or do the full distance themselves.

Saloon car thrills will be provided by the new for 2016 Tegiwa M3 Cup, which will pitch a grid of BMW M3 machinery against one another, offering competitive GT racing at a lower cost for drivers which should ensure big grids. The same race will also feature the Super Cooper Cup Series, which features the modern BMW-made Mini Cooper, which usually provides extremely entertaining wheel to wheel action in sprint-style races.

A two hour race for the Cartek Club Enduro Series is one of the major talking points for Saturday’s action. This is a new series for 2016, bringing with it all the challenges of endurance racing with a grid of production sports and saloon cars, but with realistic budgets, which should have the knock on effect of a competitive grid. Further saloon car racing will come from the Classic Stock Hatch Championship, Yokohama Stock Hatch Series, Toyota MR2 Championship, Renault Clio 182 Championship and Royal Purple Hot Hatch categories.

Sports car action will come from the Locost Championship, which is likely to provide scintillating slipstreaming racing, while protoype racers will do battle in the 750 Formula Championship, expect to see lots of unique and one-off car designs in this race!

An eclectic mix of single seaters will go wheel to wheel in the Formula Vee Championship, with classic machinery set to entertain in the 750 Trophy Races, which will see cars ranging from Austins to 500cc F3 cars on track.

Tickets for the 750 Motor Club meeting at Donington Park are available upon entry at the circuit, priced at £17 per day. For more information, click here.

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