February 26th

Over 100 new riders take motorcycle racing test at Donington!

Over 100 motorcyclists took and passed their ACU racing test at Donington Park last weekend with the Thundersport GB club.

The racing newbies had to take a written exam, which required a 100% pass rate, before going out on track under the supervision of experienced riders, as well as taking on the challenge of a dummy race start. The days ensure all attending motorcyclists are prepared for motorsport action, and all riders present passed their test, and are now ready to go racing!

Meanwhile on Sunday, a number of new safety marshals undertook a training day at the circuit, meaning not only have a promising crop of new racers been developed at Donington, but the number of ever-essential volunteer marshals has been bolstered too.

Donington Park Sporting Director Bob Adams commented: “We are always keen to encourage new people to get into motorsport, and it was fantastic to see so many people pass their racing test with the Thundersport GB club last weekend, as well as welcoming a great bunch of new marshals too. Motorsport constantly needs new blood to thrive and it was therefore very welcoming to see so many new faces at the circuit, and we look forward to seeing how they get on in competitive action!”

Photo credit: John Isgar

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