July 17th

Truck aces thrill media and guests at Donington Park

Three of this year’s top drivers in the British Truck Racing Championship, Mat Summerfield, David Jenkins and Stuart Oliver, were at Donington Park yesterday to give media and guests of Donington Park the rides of their lives in a sneak preview of the main event, which takes place next weekend (25-26 July).

The British Truck Racing Championship at Donington Park is a massive event for all the family, so it was only fitting that those able to get up close and personal to the massive five tonne 100mph machines were from all ages too!

Summerfield, Jenkins and Oliver all thrilled their passengers by showing off their trucks huge acceleration, which is quicker than a Porsche to 100mph, tyre shredding cornering ability and sheer brute force, around the Donington Park circuit, which was the first in the country to ever host truck racing.

Specially invited guests included Loughborough lady racer and model Annalese Ferrari, Mechanics from the Aguri Formula E team, and Donington-supported kart racer Tom Wood, who was able to sit in the passenger seat of the truck as it was stationary – quite a jump up in size, and height, compared to his kart!

Ferrari commented: “It was an amazing experience and a complete world away from the Mazda MX5 Supercup car I race in! In the truck it felt like it was going to tip over going through the Craners, and the power sliding was incredible too! It’s flat out there in my race car, and I couldn’t believe that it was flat out in a truck too!”

Wood said: “I’d love to be able to have a go sometime. They’re amazing to look at and get up close too and I’m very jealous that the people here got to have a go today!”

Stephen Morley, a mechanic with the Aguri Formula E Team added: “It was totally mental. They’re very unpredictable, and it’s hard to believe they have that much speed and grip. It was a phenomenal experience.”

Tickets for the British Truck Racing Championship at Donington Park are available in advance for £15 per day or £25 for the full weekend, with free entry for children aged 13 and under. Online tickets go off sale at 5pm on Wednesday 22 July, and tickets will then be available for purchase at the event.

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