June 23rd

World Boxing Champion Carl Froch flexes his muscles at Donington Park

Former three-time World Super-Middleweight Boxing Champion Carl Froch MBE, has been busy training with the Motorsports School at Donington Park, as he prepares for his motorsport debut.

‘The Cobra’ has already passed his ARDS test (which allows him to go racing) with the school, but as his debut race approaches at the Silverstone Classic in July, he has been looking to further his progress at Donington, his local circuit, as he returned to the venue last night (Thursday 22 June).

“I had been to Donington a few times, I came to the Superbikes before as I used to have a bike. I had only been as a spectator though until I came to the School,” said Colwick based Froch.

“I love it here at Donington and wanted to come back here for a few extra laps before my big day on July 29th,” he added.

But how does driving a car fast around a circuit compare with boxing? “It can give me the same adrenalin rush as going into a boxing ring, I get it when I play tennis, golf and poker too as I am now a party poker pro.”

His Silverstone race is a one-off celebrity race in Austin A35s, but does he have any ambitions to race more? “I would love to yes, especially charity things, raising money for good causes etc. I just like competing, but my commitments to Sky and with my family leave me little time.”

He was quick to praise the help he received from the Motorsports School team too. “I have had nice, fast expensive cars on the road and I know I was privileged in that. But we all think we can drive and then you come here to Donington with my instructor Adam Crowton. Then you start learning and without their help I wouldn’t be going racing.”

Barry McGuigan was the only boxer to race in the recent past, but would Froch fancy taking on any other boxers on the track? “Maybe someone like Nigel Benn or Steve Collins, they were always full on aggressive, as you can’t compete against someone who doesn’t go for it.”

As a career in Boxing meant discipline, did he feel that this was something he could use in other things too? “From my boxing it has helped when I play tennis, golf and even more in my poker. I suppose I am competitive in life and want to win. I have loads of trophies packed away, as I only care about the ones for winning.”

So how would he cope with the suggestion of being beaten at Silverstone? “I am going there hoping to win, I will try. But in racing you can beat someone, and there are three on the podium. In boxing if you don’t win you are the loser,” he concluded.

You don’t have to be a heavyweight boxer to take your ARDS test at Donington Park! Training and tests are available for drivers of all experience levels and abilities. To get on track, visit www.themotorsportsschool.co.uk.

Thanks to Peter Scherer for his help with this article and images.

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