Trackdays at Donington Park

Take your own car or bike around the world-famous Donington Park race circuit and unleash your inner racer.

Trackdays are your chance to enjoy your car or bike to the max. You can never take your vehicle to the limit on the busy public roads but a trackday will let you!

The world-famous Donington Park racetrack offers an exhilarating and, importantly, safe track for any driver or rider to enjoy themselves and use machinery for what it was made for. It’s a truly unforgettable experience

Car Trackdays

Trackdays are on nearly every week during the motorsport season. We work with a range of trackday operators who offer different experience options for different drivers on both the National and GP circuit layouts. In the summer months, evening track sessions are also available for a shorter but just as fun event. Dates can be found on the trackday calendar below.

Car Trackday Calendar

Bike Trackdays

Bike trackdays run most weeks of the season. A range of trackday operators offer numerous experiences on both the National and GP circuit layouts for riders with varying levels of track experience. As well as full day sessions, shorter evening sessions are available in the summer months. Available dates can be found on the trackday calendar below.

Bike Trackday Calendar